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Divorce and Family Law:

Often, situations dealing with family law or divorce are unpleasant. We help you work your way through the process, providing support and assistance in the following areas:

  • Divorce. Going through a divorce can be emotionally and financially challenging. Our attorneys can assist you with all of the complex matters involved in terminating a marriage. If the matter can not be handled amicably by a written agreement between parties, we aggressively advocate our client’s position in court.
  • Custody & visitation. When the relationship of parents terminate, custody and visitation are a primary concern for most parties. With the best interest of your children in mind, our attorneys can assist you with custody agreements and visitation schedules. When parents can not reach an agreement, we offer aggressive representation in Court. We can also assist with grandparent/third party custody and visitation.
  • Child support. Calculating child support in Maryland can be a complicated matter. The needs of the children must be weighed against each parent’s financial ability to provide support. Our experienced attorneys can assist you with the establishment or modification of child support.
  • Adoption. A joyous occasion in life, adoption also requires extensive paperwork. We assist you throughout the process. Our firm is experienced in handling private and institutional adoptions, including step-parent adoptions.
  • Prenuptial agreements. Many people today are entering into agreements in contemplation of marriage. Prenuptial agreements are often complex agreements which deal with all financial and familial aspects of the upcoming marriage, as well as the agreement of the parties in the event of death or divorce. Our firm also prepares cohabitation agreements for those who choose not to marry.

Criminal Defense:

Simply because a person has been charged with a crime does not make them a criminal.  Allow our experienced staff of attorneys to defend you.

  • Juvenile Offenses;
  • Traffic Offenses;
  • Theft and property related offenses;
  • Assault;
  • Reckless Endangerment.

Wills and Estates:

Planning for the future of your loved ones is often a top priority of our clients. We have extensive experience assisting clients with estate planning, wills, medical durable powers of attorney and advance directives.

Corporate and Contract lawyers:

Experienced corporate attorneys are available to assist you with your business needs and help you with your businesses' contract drafting and enforcement actions.

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